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    I am a UX Designer and User Researcher
    based in the SF Bay Area.


I have worked within agile and lean product teams, delivering MVP products and iterating on existing product offerings. My process typically starts with research, in order to understand and define the problem. I prefer to involve users as early in the design process as possible: there is no better way of delivering successful products than validating hypotheses early and frequently. User feedback, along with usage metrics, is invaluable in any product creation. I strive to create only the minimum necessary documentation and work closely with product managers and engineering teams to translate ideas directly and precisely. After delivery of the first iteration, I set up a usability testing plan, and based on the results, offer action items for product improvements. Then, the whole cycle starts again.

Problem definition

This phase consists of collecting requirements and details from stakeholders, conducting user studies to understand user needs, and analyze existing solutions. The goal is to convert observations into opportunities and make the vision clear.

  • Research
  • Observe
  • Analyze
  • Understand
  • Define

Plan and delivery

Once the vision is defined, I work closely with team to prioritize features, based on the impact they would have on both user and business. I help team by defining use case scenarios, personas, initial mockups and prototypes. I work with engineering teams to ensure performance and usability trade-offs.

  • User journey
  • Information architecture
  • Personas
  • Use cases and user flows
  • Wireframes and prototypes

Validation and Release

Before the feature/product is released, I conduct thorough usability testing and take results to the team to resolve any usability issues. I make sure all design details are transferred into the product correctly and all necessary changes made. Then, it's the release time, which means that the process starts all over again.

  • Usability testing
  • Resolve issues
  • Release and follow up with users
  • Go back to the beginning


User Experience

Various samples of UX work, along with typical documentation (multiple products and projects).

Visual Design

A selection of different projects, showing a range of styles.


People have called me a Product Designer, UX Architect, UX Strategist, UX Engineer, Experience Designer, Interaction Designer, etc. Well, I don’t care about labels—my passion is creating and delivering products that delight users. I thrive in collaborative environments and strongly believe that delivering a successful product requires a well-versed multidisciplinary team.

My background is in visual design and university-level teaching, which helps me bring a unique perspective to the table. There is nothing I love more than tackling a complex problem and finding the most simple and elegant solution. I also love conducting user research, be it usability testing, user interviews, focus groups, or any other method. There is no better way of understanding user needs than working closely with them.

On a personal level, my world would fall apart without a dog named Baloo, coffee (latte, to be exact), sketchbooks, books, and purple color (thank you Pantone for making it the color of 2014).


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